Dujourmag is an independent online platform, currently owned by Adrian McDonald a fine arts and wedding photographer. Dujourmah is dedicated to the art of photography, both past and present. Dujourmag has only one intent and that is to showcase talents all over the world whilst providing a wealth of information to enable others in their respective fields of art. The photographs shown on our website is carefully selected and reflects an uncultured taste that our editors possess. We believe a great photograph should have soul, not soul in the traditional sense but soul in the sense of meaning. It should be able to provoke our very sense of being and make us ask questions whilst providing answers. A great photograph provides questions and answers as vast as its observers. Dujourmag is the first of its kind, we strive to provide excellence through art and hopefully impact lives in a positive way. Join us on our quest today as we change the world one photo at a time!logo


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