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The Ideal Photographer

September 21, 2014

The Ideal Photographer
Many people consider photography to be an art rather than an activity that needs technical expertise. Photography in its true sense is both a combination of an artistic flair and a grasp over technical concepts. It is a way of expression and a manner of conveying thoughts onto a frame, by making use of technology, knowledge of cameras and the given lighting conditions. There are many good photographers everywhere but who really is the ideal photographer? Well this question cannot be answered in just one line. Here’s how an ideal photographer can be described:

An Ideal photographer is one who has an eye for good shots/frames and doesn’t mind experimenting with lighting conditions. He is a person with the best knowledge of cameras, technology used for cameras, the different lenses available and also other supporting accessories and equipments. Besides knowledge, one who understands that photographs are memories makes for an ideal photographer. He is one who doesn’t mind thinking out of the box and presenting real life in form of pictures. An ideal photographer may work for money but it is only creative excellence that he aims for and tries to achieve with every shot he clicks. Someone ready to invest his time, his services and his dedication to a project is someone who is close to being an ideal photographer.

• An ideal photographer would be willing to offer you many ideas for a photo-shoot and would welcome your own input whereas a regular photographer might not have many ideas up his sleeve and may rely on old, dull and commonly used frames.
• An ideal photographer is one who would bring in all the necessary photography equipments and tools such as cameras, lenses, lighting equipments, backgrounds for studio shoots and other supporting accessories as well. These individuals are different from regular photographers who might not go to extreme lengths to help you achieve the best photo-shoot.
• The best photographers are the ones who are willing to shoot both candid shots as well as formal pose shots. These individuals do not mind trying both and then helping you figure out which one works better. On the other hand, a regular photographer might insist on posed shots or just on candid photography and may not be open to flexibility.
• An ideal photographer does not always go by the book and is creative enough to suggest out of the box ideas. He/she doesn’t follow any other photographer and is skilled and talented enough to make others follow. On the other hand, a regular photographer may do his job for the sake of it and may not really incline towards creativity.
• An ideal photographer has in-depth knowledge about different photography tools, concepts and is an expert at editing. Editing is an important part of photography and he who excels at it fits properly in the definition of ‘ideal’.

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