Error of Art

September 22, 2014

Photo Source: Jamaica Wedding Photography

Sometimes the greatest and most notable achievement is as a result of error. I’m sure that’s a statement that many photographers can relate to. Art is sometimes just that, an error that became the right thing when you least expected it to. My name is Adrian McDonald, a fine arts and wedding photographer based in Jamaica and this is my story about the Error of Art. As photographers we sometimes feel the need to be in control of every little element of our setup; from lighting, lens, accessories to even the model, after all it is a part of our job to somewhat be in control, but is that control that we so like exert always good for our art?

You see the error of art is not that there is an error to begin with, but instead there is none (I know that’s a bold statement but hear me out). Art is as fluid as the river than runs along it’s channel on a daily basis only to arrive at a grand place; the ocean. What I mean by that is sometimes we try so hard to control the elements of our shoot to fit the designated idea we have in mind that we sometimes block the potential of what could have been an even greater experiment/experience. Sometimes letting go and making that error is the right thing. Now I am not saying or urging you to go out and be sloppy at your work or even be lax in your work ethics, but what I am saying is that sometimes, if you allow the rain to fall on you, it won’t necessarily result in a cold. I have personally been guilty of such myself, believing that with control I will most certainly achieve my best results, such is not always the case. Art is a by-product of the Quintessential Artist and true art is a talent which is innate to The Artist, it is not a skill that’s taught but a resource of the mind expounded upon (stay with me). Control, is therefore a peripheral tool which an artist uses and The Error is the reflection of the true artist within. Despite such, the question that may inevitably plague your mind is, “How can I be certain that not exerting control will result in a greater outcome?

The truth is you can’t be certain, and the aim of this article is not to disable control, but rather to enable error. The so-called error of which you are familiar and sometimes refer to as a ‘mistake’ is the buffering component of The Artist which unlocks the Avant Garde within. On your next shoot, let go from your control, because that control is not only a by product of a conditioned mind but it is a reflection of insecurity, “I must have it this way, I must have it this way” No you just keep telling yourself that. Default your mind, not in the sense of going blank because then it will be empty, but in the sense of allowing your talent to flow and make space for it to expound. Give your raw talent a chance to mature and give rest to the controlled mind that helped you plan that shoot for the last 3 weeks with countless nights of brainstorming. If you give room to such then brainstorming will become an obsolete word in your vocabulary.

My error created the image of the ballet dancer above and that’s when I discovered the naked truth of art within my mind. You will get ideas if you brainstorm don’t get me wrong but your greatest ideas won’t come forced, they come when you are most vulnerable, hence the reason we call it an Error. The series of fine arts shoot I’ve done after discovering this information through internalizing became some of my best work to date, some were even published on Vogue Italia and Shot Magazine. The next time you are on a shoot, let go and experience the Error of Art.

The Error of Art-Letting go of the conditioned mind and enlist your mind to an unorthodox mode of operation.



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