Thoughts of a Broken Soul

September 19, 2014
Fine Arts Photography Magazine

There are times when we feel trapped and broken inside, in this over populated world there are those who often feel alone, isolated and abandoned. But what if, what if we truly are alone? Now, I’m not speaking from the perspective of externalization, but alone within and we truly have nothing except for that which we came here with; self. When this photograph was taken, or better yet, before this photograph was taken the words kept ringing in my head, “thoughts of a broken soul.” I didn’t know what it meant then, but as time transcended this reverberating string of words manifested itself into the idea of the photograph above. It was then that I understood the sentence which had impressed itself upon me.

Such is not a reflection of my daily thought process but a simple by-product of spontaneous inspiration. From whence such cometh, I knoweth not (Shakespeare moment).This photograph is therefore one of desire, not for the able spirited but the broken spirited, it is a reflection of their aspirations to be something other than what they are. For those observing such individuals we may consider them as weak, lost or even hopeless, mainly as a result of the deeds they do or of the deeds they are unwilling to do. Hundreds of thousands commit suicide every year, yet little is understood about why these individuals choose to take their lives; some say its because they are weak whilst others say they are hopeless and selfish. Perhaps it’s a culmination of all those things, perhaps it’s none. The only thing that’s a common denominator is the need for escape, an escape from the shackles of this existence to something or somewhere different.


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